Becoming a Mum – The early days

So, I asked, What would have happened if you didn’t carry out the procedure tonight?

Well you and the baby would have died…..

Thank God we didn’t!

The start of the pregnancy journey was one we decided to do whilst on holiday to Australia.  We thought it would be special if I was to conceive whilst abroad.

In fact,  when we visited a temple in Bangkok there was a big statue of a penis you were meant to touch to bring you fertility. “That must have done the trick” I thought as over the next few days I needed the toilet a lot. Even our Thai guide asked if I was pregnant as I was going so much!

Turns out I wasn’t but still, it was the start.

About a year later me and my husband found ourselves staring at a cheap pregnancy stick.

“Well I’m not pregnant” I thought as I stared at a thin blue line.  “Well,  there is a very faint line” my husband said.  A glimmer of hope came to me.  He thought it was nothing and off we went out for breakfast with my mum and dad.  All I could think about was getting into town to buy another test….

Another thin line shows up.  “I could be you know!”. Husband again doubted it. I called my mum and dad saying “I think I might be pregnant but in not sure”. Mum came to look but again we were unsure.  Phone calls to husbands family prompted us to do a digital test.

We both peered at the third test and waited for what felt like an eternity. “PREGNANT” 1 – 2 WEEKS it flashed.  Wow said my husband excitedly.  Then there were lots of phone calls.

Forget not telling anyone for 12 weeks,  we were too excited!


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