The Pregnancy Journey

It was all quite straight forward really. It seemed to go on foreeeverrrrrr! I am a really impatient person at times and so like things to happen quickly. Maybe not as quickly as they did!

Myself and my husband were looking forward to having our first child. However, 40 weeks seemed like a long time.

“Do you know what you are having?” was the most common question I was asked, closely followed by the statement “Your bumps small!”. Both things I heard a lot!

“A surprise” I would hoot in delight! “Yes it is rather small” I would say, starting to worry as the fifth person that day mentioned it.

Confirmed by the midwife, my bump was a little small so I was booked in for a growth scan.

“Perfect” the lady who scanned me said, all measurements look good. Phew I was relieved.

Most people were surprised that I didn’t want to know what we were having. My husband wanted to know, but I didn’t. I got my own way 😉

I loved to read old wives tails and see what people predicted. The excitement could build longer for me. If I found out at 20 weeks what we were having then that was half the excitement gone. At least this way I could look at both boy and girls clothes for longer and dream.

I first predicted a boy, and I did wonder further when the ultrasound lady said, “he is….” she did then later go onto say “she is..” but I was wondering if this was to fool me.

At a later scan, myself and my husband both thought we saw what looked like a willy.

However the old wives tales were pointing in direction of a girl. I was craving sweet things, bump was high (I thought), and also my husbands mum did the ring and thread test. She hasn’t got one wrong yet and that also said a girl.

It was an exciting time and I couldn’t wait to find out the outcome.

Please support the fantastic Special Care Baby Units in Scarborough and York!








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