Eptopic Pregnancy

I say that the journey was quite straight forward but at the start it was a little worrying. I had forgotten about this it seems such a long time ago….

It was the start of October half term, I was meant to be going to Hallowscream

( This is a maize maze where things haunt you and people chase you etc) I had already made my excuses about not going.

One reason was because I was actually a big wuss and don’t like scary things, the other reason was because I was pregnant. I had decided to wait until I was 12 weeks before announcing it to the wider world of friends, so at the moment only family knew.

My husband went off to it and I was left at home.  I had been having these funny tummy pains at the right hand side of my lower abdomen for a few days. Not really knowing if it was a normal pregnancy pain or not I took to Google to find the answer.

Everything I looked at pointed at Eptopic pregnancy. (Yes I like to diagnose myself, I can’t be the only one!!)

I was worried enough to call my mum who took me up to the walk in centre that’s based at the local hospital. We were sat for a while waiting for the doctors appointment.

There are some rum sights up at the hospital. There was a girl who was dribbling from her mouth and who had wet herself as she was so drunk. Luckily her mum and dad arrived to look after her. They did not look  happy!

We also walked past a man in a stretcher who was dressed up as some kind of zombie beetle juice with fake blood(i hoped!)  everywhere. His poor wife was also dressed up stood next to him. It wasn’t Halloween until the next weekend so they looked out of place.

A and E really was like a horror zone with people moaning and groaning everywhere.

When I saw the doctor he refered me to the early pregnancy unit. On the day I had my scan I was so nervous.

They put the scan thing on me but couldn’t really see much. They did an internal and when I looked at the screen I could see a little bean shape in me just sat there (well floating) I was so excited. They said that there was definitely something in the womb area and the pain looked like it was coming from a cyst in the ovary area but nothing to worry about.

I was relieved. They also worked out I was about 6 weeks pregnant.

Exciting times. Onwards and upwards ..the journey continued…..

 Please support the fantastic Special Care Baby Units in Scarborough and York!


 Also, I am trying to write the blog on my phone which can prove tricky… so SPAG police, please forgive me!


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