What a Bloody Week! (Before Labour)

I felt the trickle down my leg.  “Christ!,  It feels like my waters have broken” I thought to myself.  It was too early for that to happen.  I was 30 weeks pregnant.

I decided to take a peek, scared to find out.  I got a massive shock.

Blood was running down my leg.  “F#@K” I thought.

I yelled to my husband that I was bleeding.  “Your Joking” was his reply. Erm No…..

He ran upstairs and took one look at me and I could see him panic a little.  I just burst into tears.  He rang an ambulance whilst I sat on the loo.  I was told to get off the loo and sit down elsewhere. We walked downstairs and as I went down the stairs I could see blood spots and a blood clot thing on the floor. It was a Monday and I had just had a day at work.

I felt numb.  I knew blood and pregnancy wasn’t usually a good sign and I started to prepare for the worst.

The rapid response man got there within thirty seconds.  He took various readings and then radioed for an ambulance. He said he had called it as a priority one so it had to come straight for me.  It seemed to take ages to get to the house.

When it arrived a man and woman came to collect me.  They put me into a chair and I was wheeled out.  Of course,  all the neighbours were having a good gawp!


I was strapped onto the bed and hooked up to certain machines.  This was my first time ever in the back of an ambulance.  I wondered if we would go blues and twos up to the hospital.  It would have been rather exciting!

I got to the hospital and was hooked up to the baby monitor machine.  The midwife had a listen to my tummy through an ear trumpet. She then turned the machine on.








I felt sick.  Then a faint heartbeat noise started, it got louder and louder.


Phew relief.

I was eventually allowed home from hospital on the Wednesday as the bleeding had stopped. However I didn’t realise how soon I would be back again!

There was plenty more drama to come……

I am writing this blog to raise awareness of what can happen in pregnancy but also to raise awareness and money for the special care baby units around. This one is my local one.

Please support the fantastic Special Care Baby Units in Scarborough and York!




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