Emergency C Section – Early Labour.

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Laid in hospital, I could feel something down below that really wasn’t right. I rang the buzzer for the nurse to come…..Something still didn’t feel right so I got up and went to toilet….Next thing I knew I was told they were to perform an emergency C-Section on me …I also found out after I’d had a major hemmorage as well…


Following the last bleed I had to stay in hospital for a few days for monitoring.  The bleeding stopped and I was allowed home on Wednesday the 13th of April.

It was Friday the 15th April (Thank god it wasn’t 13th). I had got up that morning to go to the loo and saw blood again. Luckily it wasn’t as much as last time. I panicked less because I knew what was happening. My husband was just about to set off to work, he was all ready in his shirt and tie. We rang the hospital, and was told to come up straight away. My husband rang work and told them he would hopefully be in later but he had to take me to hospital.

I was monitored for a while on the labour ward, then transfered to the maternity ward.

I felt fine most of the day. I had some visits from friends, which cheered me up, I was starting to feel sorry for myself so it was nice to see people.

Later that night I was getting ready to go to sleep.

I was just on the phone to my mum and dad at the time, who were still away on holiday in Australia. They had planned the BIG holiday of a lifetime, giving themselves plenty of time to return to England before the baby was born (It would be their first Grandchild!)

I didn’t want to panic my mum, so I said I had to go as I was tired.

Laid on the hospital bed I could feel something down below that really wasn’t right. I rang the buzzer for the nurse to come. When the nurse arrived, I showed her down below. There was blood on the pad I had in and to me it seemed a lot. She said to keep an eye on it. Something still didn’t feel right so I got up and went to toilet.

On wiping, I found a big jelly clot on the tissue so I rang the buzzer in the toilet. The nurse came to me and said she would take it to show someone. I walked back to the bed (bay 5, I remember. This was the same bay as I was in the first time. )

As soon as I got back to the bed, the nurse came and said they were taking me to labour ward as the bleeding had increased. I was wheeled through on a wheel chair. I started to panic a little now.

Once on the labour ward, I deliberated about if to call my husband or not. He had only just gone home and I knew he was tired. I asked the nurse and she said I could if I wanted to, but not to worry too much at this stage.

I rang him anyway and said he didn’t have to come up if he didn’t want too. He said he would be straight there.

I was hooked up to another heartbeat monitor machine and they were monitoring the baby for a little while.

My husband arrived, and also the doctor. The nurse showed him the blood clot. I also had a pad on, which I had only put on about ten minutes ago but it was soaked right through. The doctor examined me and couldn’t see any source of bleeding but did mention something about dilating a couple of centimetres.

I was left a little while longer, I could suddenly feel A LOT of blood running, but it felt thick and not right. We called the buzzer and the nurse came in again and took a look at the pad. She said again to keep an eye on the bleeding. I told her I could feel alot of blood inside and I felt like it was stuck. She put some gloves on and put her hand in, all I could see was her scooping out A LOT of blood clots and dumping them onto a towel. I thought to myself, “that doesn’t look good”

The nurses went out of the room, she then said they were going to get the consultant to look at me.

The consultant came in after a short while. He said he didn’t want to deliver the baby early if he didn’t have too, as the best place for the baby was in the womb.

He examined me, and by god this hurt. He pressed his hand right up, and was pressing on what he said was the baby. I nearly broke my husbands hand, I was squeezing it that hard. He said I was about 4cm dilated. This worried me as I knew that dilating meant that your body was preparing to give birth.

He asked me if I felt the need to push on the next contraction. I was thinking “What bloody contractions, I cant feel any!!”

He examined me again and said he could feel a head, but also a hand in the way. By now, there was a small group of people in the room all stood looking at me. All my dignity had long gone! It was rather embarrassing!

They all went out of the room again. When they came back in they informed me that they were going to manually try and break my waters. The consultant put this stick like thing inside, and I could feel my waters gush out and soak the bed and my feet.

When it happened, all I heard was the consultant say. Its full of blood. By now, everyone stood in the room looked pretty grim. I thought “this doesn’t feel good”.

Next thing I was told they might have to perform an emergency C-Section on me and that I needed to put my gown on, just in case. My husband also put his scrubs on. (I thought he looked pretty good in them!) I remember just bursting into tears, the room seemed deafly quiet. I was trying not to panic, but I knew something wasn’t right. The consultant and a nurse went out of the room again.

A few minutes later the nurse came back in, she said that I was going into theatre now and to try and not worry. She said there would be a lot of people in there and it might seem busy with people running around.

I remember them asking me if I had eaten anything and I told them I had a bag of crisps about half 9. They said it should be OK, but I remember regretting eating the bag of crisps!

The doctors pager started to go off and it mentioned something about an admission to theatre, category 1.

I was wheeled a short distance down the corridor. When I got into the room, there were a lot of people in there and no-one was really saying anything. I remember they all seemed pretty grim, I assume it was because they had been made to get out of bed in a hurry. It was now just gone midnight. They had a machine ready to take the baby away, this had a small team of people around it as well.

I was told to sit up on the bed, the consultant and anaesthetist were arguing about what to give me. One said I should be put to sleep with a general anaesthetic, the other said to be kept a wake with a spinal. They opted for the spinal, which I was grateful for because I have always feared that if you get put to sleep you may not wake up again!

Before giving birth I was adamant I didn’t want anything to go into my spine area as I had heard horror stories about people who had epidurals and not really ever getting better from them. Yet since the only options were spine injection or sleeping, I didn’t have much choice.

I was again hooked up to various machines and told to lay down. They then did a strange numbness test on me and asked if it felt cold on the top half of my body and then on the bottom. It was a weird sensation feeling your legs go numb.

My husband was now allowed in. Again no-on was really saying anything or reassuring me things would be OK which kind of nerved me. I was made to sign something, I didn’t really know what as I don’t think they had time to explain it too me but I signed it anyway. My hand was shaking so much that my signature was not really my real one.

My hand was jumping about all over the place so my husband had to hold it to keep it still. I felt quite tired. They then started the procedure. A little while into it, I could feel myself getting sleepier and my eyes started to shut. My husband said he thought I was going in and out of conciousness.  I just remember thinking to myself I needed to stay awake. Again, I was scared of not waking up.

I suddenly felt really sick and managed to mumble that I was going to be sick. They got me a sick bowl and I retched into it, but nothing came out. I heard them say they had to stop a moment due to sickness.

My husband also told me afterwards that all he could see were towels of blood been thrown to the floor. This was something that bothered him, not just because there was a lot of blood but because he is quite OCD and doesn’t like mess!

After about 45 minutes they said that the baby was coming out soon and would my husband like to have a quick peak. He stood up, which left my hand vibrating all over the place again. I heard a faint couple of cries, which I was so relieved about as it meant the baby was alive at the moment.

I asked my husband what we had, he was unsure. He asked loudly, “what have we got?” No-one answered as they were too busy doing something to me. Someone walked up the top end behind me, so my husband asked her what the baby was. She said she would go and find out. I felt sure she would say “A Girl”.

“A boy” she came back with. WOW, I thought, “A Boy!” I was surprised.

When our baby boy was born he was whisked straight onto a breathing machine and wheeled straight out into the special care baby unit. (somewhere he would later spend a number of weeks)

My husband was then told to leave the room and go back into the waiting area. I was suddenly alone with my hand vibrating again and feeling very sleepy.

I don’t really remember much else, apart from at one point I heard my husband go “Ouch”. It turns out he was standing with his eye pressed right up to the crack in the door to try and see what they were doing to me and someone opened it and walked right into him.

When the procedure had finished, all I was aware of was wanting to move my legs but I couldn’t as they were still numb. My brain was trying so hard to get me to move them and I felt so annoyed that I couldn’t feel myself moving them.

Eventually, I was wheeled back into the labour room where it all began. It was now about 3am. I was hooked up to various machines and I had blood coming in through a drip in one hand and another drip going into the other hand. I had lost a lot of blood so they needed to give me a blood transfusion. I had a sick bucket at the side of me. My husband said he had never seen me look so white.

I found out afterwards they had to put a balloon tamponade inside me. (This is not an actual balloon you can pop!) It’s a small device that they fill with water to stop post partum hemmoraging and it basically saves your life by stopping the bleeding. They also had to stuff me with a horrible bandage to stop it falling out. I had a catheter fitted as well. I didn’t realise they had done any of this during the procedure but did wonder what had took so long! I read online after that the good thing with the balloon tamponade is that it’s quite successful at stopping the bleeding, as the next option up was to perform a hysterectomy.

Everything was a massive shock, abit of a nightmare and I had so many things going through my mind. I also wanted to see my baby, but couldn’t………

I am writing this blog to raise awareness of what can happen in pregnancy but also to raise awareness and money for the special care baby units around. This one is my local one.

Please support the fantastic Special Care Baby Units in Scarborough and York!


I would love to hear your experiences of Labour so please comment below or add me on facebook – newmum premson

By sharing experiences we know what other things can happen in labour and how it might be dealt with and we can be better prepared. It also helps discussion of issues raised. Of course i don’t want to just hear about bad things, i would love to hear experiences of labour that went well for people and positive experiences, so please share the good the bad and i suppose the ugly.


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