New mum to a Prem Son

All I wanted to do was see my son, I couldn’t. I was too ill. I felt frustrated, annoyed, saddened. This isn’t how I imagined motherhood to be!

After the whole giving birth thing, myself and my husband were finally left alone in the room. My husband had managed to go and see our baby, he showed me a picture. He looked so frail and vulnerable. He was all wrapped up in a little plastic bag.2016-07-10 11.42.36

I wasn’t really sure why. I suppose its like baking them in a bag to get warm and grow!

I felt saddened that i couldn’t go and see him but happy he was OK. He was getting ready to be transported to Hull, they thought his food pipe wasn’t attached to his stomach properly so they needed to get him to Hull to operate. They promised they would bring him in to see me before he went.

The next thing I wanted to do was ring my Mum and Dad. They were still on holiday in Australia and I wanted to break the news they had become Grandparents!

I knew they would know something was up as it would be the middle of the day there and the middle of the night here. I rang them and said, “Hello Grandma” when my mum answered. She said pardon. I said “You have become a Grandma”, She couldn’t hear me so she would ring me back. Typical! They were just driving the great ocean road but were very pleased, but surprised to hear the news! Of course, we didn’t want them coming back home as it had cost a small fortune for the holiday and we wanted them to enjoy it.

My husband also rang his mum and broke the news, she was trying to sleep but was very excited to hear she had a new Grandson!

I stayed awake, waiting for them to bring my Son in to see me. I was really tired but really wanted to see him. When they finally wheeled him in he was in a massive incubator. I tried to look pleased and go “awww” but in truth i could hardly see him, he was buried by loads of towels and i couldn’t get out of bed to have a proper look. I was saddened that I couldn’t see him properly. Then he was gone as they had to get him whisked off to Hull.

I managed to get a couple of hours sleep on and off in between getting awoken by the nurses, checking I was OK and change things over etc.

By the end of Saturday afternoon I really wanted them to take my catheter out. I thought it was causing me a lot of discomfort. They said I had to prove I could get to toilet on my own first. It was painful getting the bed to lift and then swinging my legs out, I shuffled along to the bathroom and did my thing. It really really hurt but I was determined to get the catheter out. When they took it out the pain did not subside, it was only the next morning when the took the bandage and balloon out that I realised it was that causing the discomfort.


That day they moved him to York hospital, luckily they didn’t need to operate. Two citys in less that 24 hours! He was well travelled.


Next morning (Sunday) there were talks of me moving to York Hospital to be with my son. It was lunchtime when they moved me back onto the maternity ward. They said they had ordered the ambulance but it would take 6-8 hours to arrive.

I had ordered my Sunday lunch to eat and then i was going to go in the shower. I had these horrible pressure socks on that you have to wear, they had got blood on them when they broke my waters and I really wanted to change them but they said they would change them when I had a shower. My lunch arrived but then so did the ambulance! Fastest they had ever known it to get there. I wolfed down my lunch and then I was strapped onto a bed, ready to be transported.

I was wheeled off down the corridor and out of the main entrance, praying I wouldn’t see anyone I knew!

I still had the horrible socks on!



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